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BioGardener uses only natural products, environmentally conscious BioGardener designs with indigenous plants and minimizes maintenance in your garden.


Join host Tom Spencer and his studio guests to find out the best way to get the most out of your garden.

Clean Air Lawn Care

Ever want a great lawn but feel bad about pouring all that water on it and using all that gas to power the mower? Try these local gasless grass-cutters and low-impact landscapers.
Austin’s own all-purpose compost, produced by Austin Water out of all that, ahem, bio-waste we produce. EPA approved! Check the website for approved vendors or contact details if you’d like to stock it.


For 50 years, Garden-Ville has been Central Texas’ supplier of top-of-the-line natural garden products. Today, their large-scale composting and soil-blending allows them to produce premium compost, dry fertilizers, and liquid concentrates. Check out their eco-friendly insect controls, herbicides and fungicides.


Natural Gardener offers information, advice, and products necessary for a gorgeous garden. Get gardening tools, organic pest control and soil supplements, and plants from the nursery. The Web site offers month-by-month tips, and the owner, John Dromgoole, hosts his own radio show called Gardening Naturally.


Check for their regular gas-lawn-mower trade-in days and shift to a less-polluting electric.


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