Come and date Gym with me

My Austin search for a new Gym in my life.

When I moved to Austin three years ago from Minneapolis the one thing that gave me solace was the fact that there was a Lifetime fitness close by. I knew that even though I didn’t know anyone here there was going to be a place that would look after my children while I blew some steam off as I contemplated my fifth move in seven years. For those that don’t know Lifetime Fitness, it’s a mega gym chain with everything from a salon, to a cafe, indoor and outdoor pools, rock climbing walls, a safe and clean childcare facility, and really superior classes. I could rely on the fact that they would offer me every type of class with exceptional trainers at consistent times. I took a class everyday! I’m not talking jazzercise people! I’m talking kick your butt, make it burn classes! I’m the type of girl that hates waisting an hour on a ho hum class. High interval training classes, F.I.T. (functional interval training) and T.C. (total conditioning) were a staple. The kickboxing and strike classes became my new favorites, sprinkled in with some yoga classes.

Everything was going fine until it all started to change a. I didn’t need the childcare any more since my kids were in school five days a week. Some of my favorite instructors started leaving. And then the worst happened; they started changing the times of the classes! My eight mile commute started not making sense anymore, especially since I would pass 100 other Gyms on the way. So after long and hard, Lifetime and I broke up! Every since I’ve been wondering the austin streets without a Gym to call home, and for a gym junky like myself, it’s been an uneasy feeling.

I will use this forum to talk about the good, the bad, and the boring Gym’s and classes I meet on the way to finding a place I call my Gym. Just like dating men, I know there are going to be details from each place that I would love to take with me and build the perfect Gym but at the end of the day no man and no gym is perfect. But like dating, I was getting board with Lifetime and it’s time to move on to greener pasteur. Maybe my new Gym will make me laugh more; Or make me cry more; but I’m willing to put myself out there to fall in love again! It’s going to hurt so good!