This chart explains everything that’s wrong with the housing market

      Something is wrong with the housing market, and it’s the opposite problem of the most recent housing crisis. Instead of too many people buying homes they can’t a   fford, there simply aren’t enough homes available for people who want them. This is causing prices to go up and keeping would-be new homebuyers out of the market. Michelle Meyer, US economist for Bank of America Merrill Lynch, laid out the problem in one succinct chart. “The housing market remains tight — this is evident in . . Click Here For More        

How to create your dream home in Austin’s hot real estate market

    The number of Americans who dream of owning a home one day is up to 75 percent, according to a survey conducted by Harris Poll and Trulia. Within the millennial category, 80 percent of young people imagine owning their own home at some point. These statistics show that the American dream, which steadily declined after the housing market crash and recession of late 2008, is alive and . . . Read More      

Austin at the top of another list

Once again, our city of Austin is getting some more clickbait list-PR, rejoice! Surely many Austinites have noticed their city’s propensity for showing up in a number of lists in recent years. Mostly positive, some negative. Did you know that Austin is the 13th best city for single men?! Or that we are the 8th best city for coffee snobs? Of course you did. Just like you nodded to yourself in agreement when you saw that I35 in Austin is the 3rd worst place to drive in America or rolled your eyes when your crossfitting co-worker bragged that Austin is the 14th fittest … Read More

Urban rail in Austin:

It’s time for Austin to make a decision on the proposed $1.4 billion, 9.5-mile urban rail plan. This is a momentous vote that will be printed in bold within Austin’s history books. With that in mind, we’re bubbling up op-eds from a proponent and opponent of the plan in case you’re still on the fence. Mayor Lee Leffingwell, the biggest backer of urban rail, makes his case here.. . . Read More

Sustainable Home Products

In the last few months, I’ve read several articles and blogs on sustainable living. I often think about incorporating all natural cleaners into my home, or possibly composting in the backyard, or starting a chicken coup. I’m not sure my dogs would like the chicken coup, but a girl can dream. I found this little gem the other day. $15 for $30 worth of home improvement products from TreeHouse. I’ve been looking for an excuse to visit this place and I think I may have just found one. You should, too!

Austin is #8 best city for staying young

I was convinced my active lifestyle and (semi) healthy eating habits were contributing to my staying young. Turns out, I forgot one major factor- living in Austin. Yup, According to RealAge, Austin is ranked the #8 city for keeping you young. The employment rate of the city helps keep the stress among the lowest in the nation with the second-best optimism rate. If you think you are enjoying life now, try getting out and experiencing the many activities Austin has to offer. No matter your age, there is something for everyone. Click here for more…